The original Adventures of Bishop Bonkers had its origins in early 2005 as a spuriously published internet cartoon strip entitled ‘Bournemouth Nights’, authored by fabled humourist Cecil Lamont-Dwiggins, a reclusive ex-patriate living in Los Angeles, USA. Featuring the misadventures of a self-styled vampire hunting bishop and his long-running feud with English occultist David Farrant, this series of cartoon strips portrayed the pair’s legendary antagonistic relationship with a combination of incisive satire and whimsical fantasy. 

The original series of strips also introduced a cast of charmingly subversive characters; Sarah the bishop’s long-suffering companion, Catherine, Farrant’s volatile assistant, Hoggy, the bishop’s ambitious cousin, and the Mongoloids, two space aliens with a propensity for disruptive mischief. Certain people whose real life personalities had been lampooned reacted rather poorly. A barrage of legal threats followed, and the strips were subsequently removed from the internet. Within a short time, the BPOS obtained the original artwork from Lamont-Dwiggins and published the collected strips in July 2007 as ‘The Adventures of Bishop Bonkers’, The book became an immediate hit, and hundreds of copies were shipped to enchanted fans around the world. 

Despite the popularity of his works no more was heard from Cecil Lamont-Dwiggins, who it was rumoured had gone into hiding somewhere on the west coast of America. Therefore it was with considerable surprise and delight that in January of 2011 the BPOS received a second  packet of cartoons in the post from Cecil. The New Adventures of Bishop Bonkers picks up where the old one left off and advances the ‘bishop’ and Farrant’s comic squabbling and desperate scheming to absurdly hilarious new heights. Rest assured, all the old characters (and even a few new ones!) are featured in supporting roles. We think you’ll agree that The New Adventures of Bishop Bonkers was well worth waiting for!

Publication details

  • Author:                 Cecil Lamont-Dwiggins
  • Paperback:            24 pages
  • Publisher:             British Psychic & Occult Society (30 October 2011)
  • Language:              English
  • ISBN:                     978-0-9565749-1-6

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