G'day Cobber! Contrary to what some people say, I'm pleased as punch to be featured in the new edition of this comic. I have 90% more lines than Dave and almost as many as Bonkers himself. Shows you what an important character I am, eh? "Bacon" jokes aside, I reckon the public is hungry for more Hoggy, and you can bet your Sweet Matilda this new comic delivers what the public wants. If I were you, I'd check it out.
Oinks All Around,


They made me do it.
Gareth J. Medway


• "Never heard of this Bonkers fellow but glad he's not part of my diocese!" - The REAL Bishop of Glastonbury

• "I 'liked' one of David Farrant's Facebook posts -- and a day later I found myself featured on the bishop's Hateblog. What the deuce is this guy all about?" - Facebook User

• "In all my years as a detective and UFO researcher, I've yet to run across anyone so f****ed up as Bishop Bonkers!" - Don Ecker


Rewarding In Its Own Way
I have followed the "Bishop Bonkers" comics on the internet and I feel that this book illuminates an essential truth about "Bonkers" and Farrant. It is almost as if each needs the other to act as their implacable opponent; the yin of Bonkers and the yang of Farrant, or something rather more complex. I forget who it was who, writing about the James Bond films, advanced the theory that Bond and the villain are actually two sides of the same character - the light and the darkness. With the Farrant/Bonkers situation each partner moves as if in a dance; one steps forward, the other back; reverse and round again. Both parties claim to want reconciliation, but in reality the dance will not let them go. Those interested in a humourous treatment of the dance may find this book rewarding in its own way. 
John K, 18 Sep 2007 (Amazon)
Good clean fun
This is a most amusing strip generated cartoon that first made its appearance on the James Randi Educational Forums. It features the two men most often associated with the Highgate "Vampire" and the frequently hilarious row that permanently seems to embroil them. Cecil Lamont-Dwiggins shows a rare abilty to use StripGenerator to its full potenial and he marries this with a delightfully witty touch which will have you in stiches as the strange and colourful characters take on a life of their own. CLD has ruffled a few feathers with this cartoon but it rightly deserves its place on the bookshelf of any serious Highgate "Vampire" enthusiast.  
Georgie Pin "Georgina Pinnear"  , 3 Nov 2008 (Amazon)
A Twelve Page Self-Published Tract Does Not Constitute A Book
Would someone please explain how a twelve page tract constitutes a "book"?
The person self-publishing this libellous nonsense is also the person who is attempting to exploit Amazon to advertise his illicit publication. I cannot recommend too strongly that you delete all reference to "The Adventures of Bishop Bonkers" and any accompanying "reviews" which seem to all stem from an identical source, ie namely the Farrant camp.
Bishop Bonkers 16 Sep 2007 (Amazon)

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