The Adventures of bishop Bonkers first hit the Internet under the heading Bournemouth Nights and portrayed the adventures of a self styled bishop who lives in a small bungalow (complete with an outhouse and loo) situated on a cliff top. 

It is essentially based on a long running feud the ‘bishop’ has (and still has) with the well known English occultist (well, ‘Satanist’ according to the bishop) David Farrant. This feud has become internationally famous in recent years – escalating in intensity with the advance of the Internet. The original cause of this (some time in 1970) is none too clear, but however satirically portrayed in the comic strip, it is a fact that in real life, the two apparently hate each other like poison. 

The other main characters introduced in the strip are Farrant’s spunky assistant and the Mongoloids, advanced aliens who do Farrant’s bidding – namely to the extent of ‘dealing’ with the bishop.

“Cousin Hoggy” is the final major character (he is personally my favourite), the bishop’s Australian cousin who equally despises Farrant for reasons that any ardent researcher can also find on the Net. 

The name “Hoggy” I might point out, is very close to his real name, although he has been affectionately known in Internet circles as The Overseer.

But wait…I’ve given too much away! So I’ll just leave you to enjoy the story yourselves…

Gillian Clayton (July 2007)


Publication details

  • Author:                 Cecil Lamont-Dwiggins
  • Paperback:            12 pages
  • Publisher:             British Psychic & Occult Society (23 Aug 2007)
  • Language:              English
  • ISBN:                     978-0953948192

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